Recent praise for Shawn Buckner’s Outdoor Adventures: Spring Turkey Chronicles, Volume One:

This book is a MUST have for kids … and frankly, anyone who enjoys the simplicity of what the outdoors was like when you first started!” — Shannon Young, founder of 100,000 Kids in the Outdoors

I really enjoyed this book. Cory Pedersen does a wonderful job in describing what 14 year old Shawn Buckner is experiencing in the woods on his first spring turkey hunt by himself. I could completely relate to the character and the woods in which Mr. Pedersen wrote about. I am sure that my kids will enjoy reading this story. The story is well written and you will feel as if you are in the woods watching and hearing all the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. I look forward to Shawn Bucker’s next great outdoor adventure!” — Goodreads review

This was a great book. I have never gone hunting before, but I found myself in that forest right along with Shawn. This book was very descriptive and enjoyable. I can see this being a great book for a teenage boy to read.” — Goodreads review

I’ve never really been hunting (is fishing hunting?) I would be too sad, and feel sorry before even aiming. It is a really short read, but very descriptive. You get how the boy thinks, reacts and feels how determined he is to do right by hunting legally while at the same time, having an understanding for God’s other creatures. He doesn’t just shoot with his arrow after chasing the turkey, he really plans and doesn’t want to take chances, by causing unnecessary hurt. It would be a great read for a pre-teen/teen boy or girl, and would give them a first hand account on what it takes to be a hunter and still have a healthy respect for the animals around us.” — Goodreads review

“Pedersen’s offering is a solid bit of writing. The author’s style is simple yet engaging and communicates the details of his surprisingly complex topic very well. He also strikes a great balance by being explanatory without pandering or becoming tiresome about it. There’s also a wonderful message hiding in Pedersen’s work. His young protagonist has a goal and he’s not afraid to work tirelessly to achieve it. In today’s world of instant gratification and, let’s just face it, laziness, I wouldn’t mind if all our youth all exhibited a bit more Shawn Buckner. The only real negative I can see here (aside from exactly two typos) is that in some ways the hero is almost too perfect. Today’s adolescent, for better or worse, has become a much more sophisticated creature that may expect a bit more balance. That said it’s still a great contribution to the genre. I look forward to the next installment.” — review

My nine year old, Elayna, was hooked right away. This book is about a 14 year old boy who goes out turkey hunting on his own. Elayna loves the outdoors and she loves adventure. This book had both. It was well written and perfect for 8+ readers. She learned practical lessons about hunting, the difficulty of learning to call in animals, and the patience required to spend a day in the woods. I would recommend this book to any families with youth interested in hunting and the great outdoors!” — review

This is a fantastic book! The book follows a young 14 year old traditional bow hunter on his first turkey hunt in the woods of Minnesota. The detail Cory provides in the book was a learning experience for me as I am not a turkey hunter and provided quite a bit of excitement with some of the run-ins young Shawn has with the wild. I read the book but now am reading it to my 6 year old son. He loves it and looks forward to hearing more about what young Shawn is doing each night as we ready a chapter a evening. I will then turn this book over to my 8 year old daughter to read and in fact we will probably take it with us October 1st for our season opener here in Oklahoma. I highly recommend this book to everyone as I am sure it will entice your youngster to grow an interest in the outdoors or continue to fan the flames already alive in their hearts. As for me I cannot wait to get out and turkey hunt now! I look forward to the continue adventures of young Shawn Buckner!” — Sean Fullerton,

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